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Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Breed Information

As the name suggests, Romanian Carpathian Shepherds were originally bred to guard livestock in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. They are large dogs that are extremely loyal and courageous. If you are thinking about bringing home a Romanian Carpathian Shepherd puppy, please read the following breed information to better understand if this dog would be a good fit for your family.

In terms of size, Romanian Carpathian Shepherd dogs are 23-29 inches tall on average and weigh 70-100 pounds. The average lifespan of a Romanian Carpathian Shepherd is 12-14 years.

Romanian Carpathian Shepherd dogs are moderately playful and affectionate with family members. They retain some independence. These dogs can do very well with young children and get along reasonably well with other dogs.

While not overly friendly nor overly aggressive with strangers, Romanian Carpathian Shepherds make excellent watchdogs given their inherently protective and vigilant nature. They are quite adaptable and can adjust to some changes in routine. This is not a good choice of dog breed for apartment dwellers or first-time pet parents, given the size and exercise needs. Romanian Carpathian Shepherds can tolerate cold weather very well but hot weather not so well. They have a strong wanderlust potential and moderate prey drive, so they must be kept in a fenced yard or on leash when outdoors.

Because Romanian Carpathian Shepherds are independent, even stubborn, they can be challenging to train. However, they respond well to games and learn fast. This is not a very high energy breed as these dogs tend to preserve their energy for possible attacks. However, Romanian Carpathian Shepherds need a job to do. If you don’t keep a Romanian Carpathian Shepherd mentally busy, he or she can develop destructive behaviors. A long walk or play session in the yard 1-2 times a day for 60 minutes or so is required to keep these dogs happy and healthy. The barking level of a Romanian Carpathian Shepherd is moderate.

A Romanian Carpathian Shepherd requires occasional brushing of its dense, shaggy coat in terms of grooming care and is generally low-maintenance. The coat can shed a fair amount though during shedding season (summer months). These dogs are not heavy droolers.

Overall, Romanian Carpathian Shepherds are naturally protective guardian dogs that have a wolf-like appearance and are extremely devoted and brave. They have a calm temperament and a somewhat independent nature, but can be playful on occasion. Romanian Carpathian Shepherds tend to form a close bond with one family member.

If you think a Romanian Carpathian Shepherd would be the ideal pet for you, check out listings of reputable and responsible breeders on Puppy Hero. We verify each breeder so you can go ahead and bring home an adorable Romanian Carpathian Shepherd puppy with complete peace of mind.

Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Breeders in 1 States

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