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Saint Bernard Dog Breed Information

If you’re looking for a new family pet that’s playful, charming, and affectionate, consider the Saint Bernard. This Working Group dog stands 26-30 inches tall on average and weighs a whopping 120-180 pounds. So, yes, you get a lot of dog when you bring a Saint Bernard home. The average life expectancy for this breed is 8-10 years.

Saint Bernards are highly affectionate and do exceedingly well with young children. They also get along reasonably well with other dogs in the family or those they meet outside the home.

This is a moderately playful breed that is not overly reserved or aggressive with strangers but does not consider everyone their best friend either. The Saint Bernard has a very strong protective nature and therefore makes an excellent watchdog. They are also a good choice for busy families with constantly changing schedules because Saint Bernards are quite adaptable.

In terms of the time commitment for grooming that you would need to make with a Saint Bernard, this dog has a short, smooth or rough, double coat that sheds a fair amount and requires weekly 1-2 brushings. During shedding season, the grooming frequency needs to increase to every day. Prospective owners should beware, however, that Saint Bernards are big droolers, so you’ll always have to have a towel handy.

Despite their massive size, Saint Bernards only require a moderate amount of daily physical activity. Again, this breed is adaptable and can adjust to active families that like to go backpacking and hiking as well as families that can work in only a long walk or play session every day.

Nutrition for your Saint Bernard should consist of high quality commercial or home prepared food that is suitable for a large breed. As with all breeds, there should be fresh, clean water available at all times.

In summary, this gentle giant that originated in the Swiss Alps is famous as an imposing looking dog that is sure to turn heads. The dark eyes, big head, and muscular body bely the Saint Bernard’s gentle nature, however, and this breed is famous as a nanny dog for young kids because of her watchful nature.

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Saint Bernard Breeders in 30 States


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