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Samoyed Dog Breed Information

The Samoyed belongs to the AKC’s Working Group. This is a friendly dog with a gentle disposition and an adaptable nature. This makes Samoyeds perfect for families with children. In addition, Samoyeds are very affectionate with family members and do exceptionally well with young kids. They also get along reasonably well with other dogs in the household.

In terms of size, the average Samoyed stands 19-24 inches tall and weighs 35-65 pounds. The average life expectancy for this breed is 12-14 years.

Samoyeds are quite easy to train with firm yet gentle guidance. They have moderately high energy levels and mental stimulation needs. Sammies enjoy playtime with their humans and need some daily exercise. This breed has a strong urge to explore, so it's important to keep your Samoyed on leash or in a fenced yard. If this dog runs away, it can cover miles in a very short period of time and put herself at risk.

This is a breed that lived in freezing arctic climate in tents where people and dogs huddled for warmth, so they form a close bond with their owners. Sammies who are left alone for long periods of time or confined to a backyard without human contact can become miserable and destructive.

Samoyeds are very vocal and will bark at just about everyone and everything, so that’s something prospective Samoyed owners should keep in mind.

In terms of grooming, Samoyeds have long, thick, double coat that sheds quite a bit, even more during shedding season which is a couple of times a year. They require a daily brushing to remove debris and loose hairs. Samoyeds are not big droolers, however.

Nutrition, like for all breeds, should consist of age-appropriate, high-quality commercial dog food or home prepared meals. Fresh, clean water should be available at all times.

All in all, Samoyeds are hardworking, highly functional, graceful canines that have a perpetual smile on their faces. They are smart and social and mischievous and thrive in families where they can form a close bond with their owners.

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Samoyed Breeders in 24 States


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