Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Breeders in 5 States

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Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Breed Information

If you’re looking for a smart, playful, fun-loving dog that makes a versatile family pet, then consider the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier. However, prospective owners of Teddy Roosevelt Terriers should know that this is a high energy breed that can be quite vocal. If you’re not sure if a Teddy Roosevelt Terrier would be the right fit for your lifestyle, please continue reading. The following breed information will help you decide.

In terms of size, Teddy Roosevelt Terriers are small dogs, standing 8-14 inches high and weighing 8-25 pounds. The average life expectancy of a Teddy Roosevelt Terrier is 14-16 years, so this is a long-lived dog breed.

Teddy Roosevelt Terriers are quite playful and very affectionate with family members. These dogs are extremely patient and tolerant with young kids and get along famously well with other dogs when socialized properly. However, given the breed’s prey instinct, a Teddy Roosevelt Terrier should be supervised around small pets such as hamsters and guinea pigs.

A Teddy Roosevelt Terrier tends to be reserved with strangers and makes a moderately good watchdog. This is a highly adaptable breed that can adjust easily to changing routines. Their small size and moderate exercise needs mean they are ideal pets for apartment dwellers.

It is not very challenging to train a Teddy Roosevelt Terrier because this is an intelligent dog that learns quickly and is eager to please. Training exercises should be gentle, but firm and consistent. A reward-based approach usually works well.

Teddy Roosevelt Terriers have moderate energy and mental stimulation needs. They participate enthusiastically in any activity their owners engage in. Daily exercise can consist of 60 minutes of playtime in a fenced yard or 2-3 walks every day. Other good ways to expend energy for Teddy Roosevelt Terriers is playing fetch, swimming, and hiking with their humans. Teddy Roosevelt Terriers can bark a fair bit.

The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier’s short smooth coat is low maintenance and requires only a weekly brushing in terms of grooming. The coat can shed quite a lot during shedding season, however. This breed does not drool heavily.

All in all, Teddy Roosevelt Terriers are affectionate and loyal companions that tend to form a close bond with one person in the family. If you can’t wait to bring home a TRT puppy, check out listings of reputable Teddy Roosevelt Terrier breeders on Puppy Hero. We personally verify all breeders so that you can be sure your new Teddy Roosevelt Terrier puppy was raised with love and care.

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Breeders in 5 States