Tibetan Terrier Breeders in 8 States

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Tibetan Terrier Breed Information

A loyal companion, an affectionate friend, and a smart and sensitive pet to have around the house – sounds great, right? That’s the Tibetan Terrier for you.

If you’re interested in this dog breed and are thinking of bringing home a Tibetan Terrier puppy, here’s some important information about this breed that you should know.

Belonging to the AKC’s Non-Sporting Group, Tibetan Terriers are small to medium sized dogs standing 14-17 inches tall and weighing around 18-30 pounds. The average lifespan of a Tibetan Terrier is 15-16 years.

Tibetan Terriers are loving, affectionate, and adaptable pooches that can fit well with just about any kind of lifestyle and family. They do well with both town and country living and adapt well to hot and cold climates equally well. But prospective owners of TTs should know that they have high energy levels and need lots of exercise. Also, their shaggy coat requires a fair amount of grooming care.

In terms of personality and family life, Tibetan Terriers are very affectionate with family members and quite playful. They do reasonably well with young kids and other dogs provided they receive early socialization in a variety of settings with kids, dogs, and other animals.

Tibetan Terriers are neither very strong willed nor overly eager to please. They are quick learners and can be trained with consistent and firm guidance and clicker training. This is a reasonably good choice of breed for novice pet parents.

These dogs have high energy levels and need to be kept mentally stimulated to stay out of trouble. Long walks or play sessions in the yard every day are usually sufficient, although each individual TT’s exercise needs can vary. Tibetan Terriers are moderately vocal and will bark on occasion.

While not excessively reserved with strangers, Tibetan Terriers don’t immediately warm up to everyone they meet. They make good watchdogs, as a result.

Tibetan Terriers have a long, insulated, double coat that does not shed excessively but requires regular grooming as it is prone to matting. They are not heavy droolers but your TT will drool occasionally.

All in all, Tibetan Terriers are affectionate, loving canine companions that are often called the Holy Dogs of Tibet. They resemble their cousins the Lhasa Apsos and have characteristic snowshoe feet that were adapted for the snowy weather in their land of origin.

If you think a Tibetan Terrier would be the perfect pet for your family, all that’s left to do is check out listings of reputable Tibetan Terrier breeders on Puppy Hero. We’ve done all the legwork for you and pre-screened every breeder so you can be sure you’re bringing home a happy, healthy Tibetan Terrier puppy.

Tibetan Terrier Breeders in 8 States