Vizsla Breeders in 36 States

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Vizsla Dog Breed Information

Also called Hungarian Pointers, Vizslas are hunting dogs that were used by nobility to retrieve hares and birds. These dogs were brought over to the US in the 1950s after narrowing surviving extinction during the World Wars. The modern-day Vizsla is a loving family pet and working dog.

If you’re interested in the Vizsla dog breed, here’s some important information you should know before you bring home a Vizsla puppy.

Vizslas are lean, medium-sized dogs that stand 21-24 inches tall on average and weigh around 45-65 pounds. The Vizsla’s rust or golden soft, smooth coat is easy to maintain.

These dogs are lively and energetic with above-average trainability. Vizslas love being around their humans and have a gentle, affectionate temperament. However, if left on their own for long periods of time, they can get bored and indulge in undesirable destructive behaviors.

So, it’s important to see if your lifestyle will allow you to spend time with your Vizsla dog. If you are someone who is gone from home for long hours every day, this is probably not the breed for you.

The other thing to keep in mind is that Vizslas are high-energy dogs and they need plenty of daily exercise. Something like two half-hour sessions of moderate intensity activity should suffice, such as playing fetch or going for a brisk walk.

In terms of adaptability, Vizslas do well in homes that have a fenced yard where they can run and play. However, this is a dog that needs to live inside your home with you and will not do well in a kennel in your yard.

Vizslas can be mouthy, given that they are retrieving dogs by lineage. You can keep your Vizsla out of trouble by giving her plenty of chew twos that provide mental stimulation too.

As with most breeds, experts recommend scheduled feeding rather than free food (leaving food out all the time) for your Vizsla puppy or adult dog.

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Vizsla Breeders in 36 States