West Highland White Terrier Breeders in 32 States

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West Highland White Terrier Breed Information

If you’re looking for a loyal canine companion with a happy disposition who will entertain you nonstop, consider the West Highland White Terrier. Belonging to the AKC’s Terrier Group, this is a self-confident little pooch that stands 10-11 inches tall on average and weighs around 15-20 pounds. The life expectancy for the West Highland White Terrier is 13-15 years.

In terms of home life, West Highland White Terriers are amazingly affectionate with family members and do exceptionally well with young children. However, they need early socialization and training to ensure they get along with other dogs in the family.

In terms of social behavior, the West Highland White Terrier is quite open to strangers and very playful. This breed does have a strong protective instinct and they make great guard dogs. In terms of adaptability, your West Highland White Terrier will adapt quite well to changes in noise, schedule, weather, etc., so this is a great choice of breed for busy families with a constantly changing schedule.

Grooming needs for West Highland White Terriers are moderate. These dogs have a medium length double coat that sheds a fair amount. They are low droolers, however.

Training your West Highland White Terrier should be relatively easy. This is not a very strong-willed breed but is not a breed that’s overly eager to please either. West Highland White Terriers have quite a great deal of energy and their physical exercise and mental stimulation needs are high. Also, prospective owners should keep in mind that the barking level of this breed is very high, so you can expect your West Highland White Terrier to be very vocal.

All in all, the West Highland White Terrier, lovingly called a Westie, is a loyal, playful, and charming companion. This is one of the smallest terriers in the canine world and delights owners and onlookers alike with her constantly wagging tail and dark luminous eyes.

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West Highland White Terrier Breeders in 32 States


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