Whippet Breeders in 20 States

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Whippet Dog Breed Information

A hunter’s companion, a loving and gentle therapy dog, an affectionate and playful family pet… if you think it’s impossible to have all this in one dog, we present the Whippet.

Belonging to the AKC’s hound group, this is a sleek, agile, lightning-quick dog with a calm temperament and gentle demeanor. Graceful and dignified, a Whippet is often called a poor man’s racehorse.

In terms of size, Whippets stand 18-22 inches tall on average and weigh 25-40 pounds. A Whippet generally lives for 12-15 years.

Personality wise, Whippets are very affectionate with family members and do really well with young kids. They also get along with other dogs in the household and dogs they meet outside the home.

While not the most obedient dogs, Whippets are trainable with gentle yet firm guidance. They have moderately high energy levels and do not do well if left alone for long periods of time. Whippets do not make the best guard dogs because they hardly ever bark, even at strangers.

Prospective Whipper owners should be aware that these dogs need plenty of mental stimulation and physical activity on a daily basis, so you need to make that time and effort commitment. This breed is naturally playful and enjoys playtime with its humans, such as retrieving games. A large fenced area is ideal for a Whippet to burn some of her energy. However, keep in mind that these dogs can jump high, so supervision is necessary.

Whippets are reasonably adaptable to changes in schedule, weather, noise levels, and activity levels and can adjust to a busy family.

Grooming care for Whippets is relatively easy. These dogs have a short smooth coat that does not require very frequent brushings (once a week should suffice). The coat does not shed excessively either. Whippets are also not big droolers.

Smart, agile, and loving… that’s the Whippet for you. If you think this is the perfect breed for you, you’ve come to the right place. Puppy Hero lists the best Whippet breeders in the country. We’ve done all the leg work for you and pre-screened breeders for ethical breeding practices. All you have to do is make the call and bring home your adorable Whippet puppy.

Whippet Breeders in 20 States