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This little puppy is looking for a good home. He is raised around children so is well socialized. We...

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Our pups will be shot, wormed and groomed before leaving with their AKC reg. already processed. They...

Patchwork- Bedlington Terriers & Bichon Frise

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Bichon Frise

Not a "business" or a kennel, I am a preservation breeder. Mikki and Luna had several successful ties beginning Jan 13th and hopefully there might be 4 or 5 pups in mid March. As always, all inquiries must respond to my questions on my AKC marketplace page AFTER reading the entire discussion. Responding on my AKC page first is mandatory. You can THEN message me on my Sugar Moon Bichons Facebook with any additional info or photos. I am extremely selective and have my preferences and priorities as to the placement of my very precious pups. Full disclosure: not everyone makes my "A" list! PLEASE FOLLOW OUR SUGAR MOON BICHONS PAGE ON FACEBOOK FOR UPDATES ON FUTURE LITTERS! All puppy inquiries, please scroll down and read all the questions I ask and respond with as much detail as possible here in messenger. I bring puppies into this world after lots of pedigree research in the hopes of hitting the DNA jackpot and bringing back some of the great dogs way back in the linebreeding. I raise my puppies in my home giving them a lot of individual attention and tons of affection and since I cant keep them all, the ones I do place, I am VERY particular about where they go and who they go with. I am in NO RUSH WHATSOEVER and my preference is for those who have recently lost their beloved Bichon and are in deep grief and find they just must have another. My puppies must go to homes where they will be as spoiled as they have been used to here... they must NEVER be lonely or sad or afraid or homesick. And that is my firm policy. PERIOD!! BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL MY PHOTOS & VIDEOS TO SEE ALL MY BELOVED FURBABIES. I am not a kennel and not a business but a home-based hobby breeder of champion bred Bichon Frises. I have 35+ years of planned breeding programs since 1977, showing and competing with 8 generations of dual quality (show & field) AKC CH Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and Australian Shepherds. Since 2013 I have become the proud mommy to my wonderful Bichons, grand champion sired Sailor Boy (a great great grandson of 2001 Westminster Best in Show winner "J.R." and distant cousin of 2018 Westminster BIS winner "Flynn") and Sugar Moon Rose, who have produced some of the most remarkably adorable fluffs I've ever seen. I breed for physical and emotional soundness and I've kept or traded picks of the first 3 litters. I traded one of my pups with another breeder for my new baby girl Clair de Lune aka "Luna" a most rambunctious and irrepressible little Texan who is also linebred on the same great champions behind Sailor. My American Cocker Spaniel "Star Baby" is in training for Flushing Spaniel Hunt tests so we can someday produce a dual quality (show & field) line of hunting spaniels. As with my Chessies and Aussies of the past, I breed for preservation not profit and to improve the lines and produce dual quality dogs, breeding to weed out faults, deformities, and inherent diseases. You cant say you are breeding to weed out inherent maladies and then have dozens of puppies every year... having dozens of puppies only increases the percentages of those adverse genes coming back... so I only breed one litter a year and I keep my eyes open hoping for that one very special Best In Show puppy to appear. My Mikki Kanut was such a puppy!! My pets are my family and all of us live happily sequestered in my private home together living with mutual respect and admiration. I am a member of the Bichon Frises Club of Northern New Jersey and the Mid Atlantic Hunting Spaniel Club. I am located in the Princeton/ Trenton area of Central New Jersey just minutes from I-95. *************************************************************************************************************************************** There's some info I need to know to evaluate potential puppy owners. Can you tell me about your situation? Your family... any children and their ages... home owned or rent?... fenced in yard?... other pets?... experience with puppies?... experience with small breeds? why you want a Bichon.. are you familiar with Bichon Frises? Your schedule/availability for the pup and how will you attend to its needs...what accommodations do you have for the puppy... will you crate train your puppy... will you let it sleep on your bed... will you let it lay on the couch with you...will you let it kiss you on the mouth... do you have to wash your hands after every time you touch the dog...will you be able to provide for its grooming needs on a regular basis... will you feed it only the best NO GRAIN food ?? stuff like that... I am very careful that my pups go only to very loving, attentive, affectionate, permanent homes or I just wont let them go. My dogs are my family and my puppies are way too dear to me to place them carelessly. I will keep them all until I find only the most perfect homes!! If you can provide the requested information with as much detail as possible and perhaps some photos of you and your family and any pets you may have or had... plus a reference like your veterinarian or your groomer, I would love to chat with you further. If you are interested in having a new forever puppy in your life and can spoil it as much as it is being spoiled here, please contact me for more information. I place puppies in both show and pet homes on full and/or limited registration. I prefer not to ship but would love to meet you in person when you come for your puppy. A deposit of $300 sent via Paypal will hold your place in the picking order. Order of deposit determines order of pick. Puppies are ready for new homes at 9 weeks old. I can provide boarding for a few extra weeks or so at a small additional cost. My Bichon pups leave at 9 weeks old (I treasure having them during their 8th week when they are their most charming!) and after a health check by my veterinarian and with a two week general health and one year congenital health guarantee. Serious inquiries only... I do not expose my dogs to the exhaustion and chaos of entertaining "tire kickers" or parents who want to bring their children and aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and their neighbor's kids out to "meet the dogs"... I expect you have already done your homework and are ready to make a commitment. That being said...not everyone will make my "A" list... my preference is to those grieving folks who have just lost their beloved Bichon after a lifetime of joy and happiness and they just cant go on without a Bichon in their life. Happiness IS snuggling with a warm white fluff full of kisses. :)

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