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We are North Country Canine Services. Our Pedigree within our Newfoundland, Cane Corso and Great Pyrenees have their origins coming from Champion Bloodlines and Working Dog Pedigrees. All of our dogs live on a Homestead with Children, Goats, Llamas, Ducks, Chickens, Geese, Turkeys, Cattle, other Dogs of course and lastly, cats. The pups as are the Parents are introduced and socialized as soon as their eyes open with a variety of stimuli. We offer all colorings held within the AKC for all three breeds we provide, and a variety of colors that are unique to our Hybrid breeding line. All of the parents are AKC Registered, except of course our Hybrid Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees. All of the Parents are DNA tested for purity, the Parent’s Pedigree reflect this claim within the Purchasing Contract. All Puppies come with a full Purchasing Contract ~ DNA Certificate ~ Purchase Agreement ~ Pedigree Certificate dating back 9+ generations ~ Communication Follow Up ~ Health Certificate & Guarantee for Life ~ Socialization Report ~ Health Record ~ Vaccinations current to pup’s age upon receipt ~ Several weeks of De-worming. And of course AKC registration, unless form our Hybrid bloodline. We strive to provide Puppies that are the perfect example of healthy puppies reflecting the attributes of their prospective breeds. We have been breeding Newfoundlands for about 30 years and Great Pyrenees/Pyrenean Mountain Dogs for about 15 years and lastly the Cane Corso were recently just added to our Breeding Program. We breed our Dames once every 18 months – 2 years and only 3 – 4 times. We are situated in The Northern Kingdom of Vermont, USA; in Brownington. We provide a broad range of Service Applications to those in need. We target breed for a lot of placement applications, from our Newfoundlands working as life savers, to our Pyrenean Mountain Dogs Guarding a herd, flock, Family and property. Our Cane Corso are ready to fill the Application of Personal Protection and Enforcement duties. We allow Puppies to go to their Forever Homes on/or about 8 weeks. This of course is dependent on the puppies and Mom meeting our criteria. There are three goals that must be met before the puppy can go Home to his/her Forever Home. 1) The pups are eating solid food and drinking water. 2) Mom is starting to chase them away from her food bowl and discouraging suckling. 3) Most importantly; that the puppies are beginning to gravitate toward humans even when near Mom. (We believe Number 3 is vital because of the need to get the puppy to its Family, Home and/or herd during this transition because it is important for Family/herd/flock bonding). We encourage folks that are looking to take one of our pups to visit. We ENCOURAGE it. We love to have folks visit us, the puppies and meeting the Mom and Dad. Of course, it gives a great opportunity to meet. We only ask that you give us a few days warning, So we can synchronize our schedules, have a meal, or at least coffee ready and to secure the dogs for that time and date on your arrival. (Often Pyrenean Mountain Dogs get touchy around strangers entering their territory). Although, in the day of the internet and advertising, often we get folks from a considerable distance away, if you are one of these folks, please don't feel obligated to drive a great distance. We can always move forward with you getting one of our puppies by using a phone interview, more pics and vids. As you can tell, we have some colorful names. Our daughters get to name all the newborns. We follow a simple rule, we pick a theme as a Family. We have had several litters named after Marvel Comic and DC Comic characters, countries/states/cities and prior to that was the Bible, and before that was food. We in no way obligate the Forever Homes to keep the names. We just use the names for filing purposes. Lastly, we go by a first come, first serve policy when it comes to securing puppies with a deposit or full purchase. We start taking deposits when the pups are 10 days of age. A deposit of $250.00 will hold a puppy of your choosing until he/she is ready to go Home to you, (Deposits of any amount are NON-REFUNDABLE), with full payment required upon delivery or pickup. There are many factors that determine the final purchase price of one of our puppies. For example: pick of the litter, availability of Males vs Females and Vice Versa, will the dog be a working dog, or a Family Member, etc… Finding a good Home for all of our puppies is paramount to everything else. We also ensure that our puppies go to a Home that is prepared financially, are committed and also possess the knowledge of the unique qualities of the Great Pyrenees, Cane Corso and the Newfoundland. We do ship via delta, but, we have driven pups to their Homes more than 10 hours away, or met half way, etc... There are many options to delivery or pickup. Nothing is confirmed and/or final concerning the purchase of one of these puppies until the Purchase Contract is signed by Client and us, here at NCCS. We can deny any person for any reason receipt of one of these puppies at any time. To continue any further we need to discuss details and options via telephone or meet in person. You can contact us by any manner listed on our contact page or just find a link in on our web page to send us an email. If for some reason we do not answer the phone, please leave a message so we may return your call. You may also email us your phone number, include a date/time that is good for us to reach you. We then can discuss Travel Expenses and ultimately the Purchase Price for one of our puppies. Our Mission Statement; To serve individuals, groups and organizations in need of Canine companionship, while guided with compassion and commitment utilizing uniquely created Service & Therapeutic Programs to fit specific requirements and providing these Services with well-mannered and selectively trained Canine Companions and their Handlers.

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