Polar Light Great Pyrenees

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Polar Light Great Pyrenees about 5 minutes from Walla Walla,WA. Please contact us if you would like your name added to our waitlist for a future, outstanding quality pup. Since 1970, our family has shared our lives with this magnificent breed. As a child, when I matured, so did my love for this breed. It did not take long before we purchased a farm and started breeding and showing our beautiful dogs. Our dogs are the progeny of parents with Champion, Grand Champion, Obedience Champion, and even winner of Best Of Breed at Westminster Dog Show. Our Pyrs have excellent temperaments, are healthy, balanced, athletic, agile, and conformationally correct dogs which enables them to excel in show as well as in function. They have beautiful, polar bear heads, dry mouths, are elegant to look at, and have a gentle, kind, intelligent, and majestic bearing. When they look into your eyes, they see into your very heart and soul. They truly are an extraordinarily noble breed that will enhance your life in positive ways you never anticipated. We do genetic and health testing as recommended by GPCA. Our Pyrs have been raised with meticulous care, love, sheep, and other farm animals. They have shown themselves to be devoted guardians of whatever is under their charge. Each pup sold comes with a life time of support. We are a member of AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Program. Our cell number is 714-235-1910 and Polar Light Great Pyrenees Facebook page is the best way to reach us timely.




6 months

Outstanding quality pups from GCH parentage available.

Polar Light Great Pyrenees

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