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What is a Male Dog Called?

Most people know that female dogs are referred to as bitches. But have you ever wondered what is a male dog called? Keep reading to find out.

What do you call a male dog?

While a female dog is usually called a bitch, the term used for a male dog is “stud.”

A male dog that has fathered a litter is called the “sire” while the female parent (mother) is referred to as the “dam.”

What are the most popular male dog names?

On a different note, if you’re looking for some of the most loved and popular names for male dogs, take your pick from Charlie, Cooper, Milo, Max, Buddy, and Tucker. Other names that are also popular include Rocky, Duke, Leo, Toby, and Jack.

What are the most popular female dog names?

Some of the most popular female dog names include Ginger, Zoe, Stella, Penny, Roxy, Abby, and Gracie. Other popular female dog names include Bella, Sophie, Lila, and Elsa.

What are some unusual dog names?

If you want to be a little more imaginative and give your dog a unique name, choose something like:

  • Kai (it means ocean in Hawaiian and is perfect for a water-loving pooch)
  • Bear (it can be most appropriate for a large dog or comical for a toy breed)
  • Aurora (the goddess of dawn, ideal for a female dog who’s an early riser)
  • Ivy (it’s trendy right now)

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13 February, 2024