Affenpinscher Breeders in 14 States

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Affenpinscher Breed Information

A brave and confident pooch that will keep you entertained – that in a nutshell is the Affenpinscher for you. Originally bred as ratters and later popular as ladies’ companions, today Affenpinschers are happy, fearless, and loving companions. If you want to bring home an Affenpinscher puppy, the following dog breed information will help you decide if this dog will be a good fit for your lifestyle.

Affenpinschers are small dogs, standing 9-12 inches high and weighing just 7-10 pounds. They are long-lived with an average lifespan of 12-15 years.

Affenpinschers are moderately playful and affectionate dogs. They can get along with other dogs and do reasonably well with young kids with the proper socialization. However, this breed is generally better adapted to life with adults and does not like the roughhousing that can sometimes occur in households with children.

Affenpinschers are very friendly with strangers but still make reasonably good watchdogs. This is a very adaptable breed that can adjust to changing routines. Affenpinschers are particularly well suited for apartment living and make a good choice for novice dog parents. They do not however tolerate being alone for long.

It can be slightly challenging to train an Affenpinscher, especially for people who don’t have any prior experience with dogs. They are bold and feisty and can be slightly stubborn and independent minded. Short training sessions and a trainer who has worked with toy breeds can be useful in making training more successful. Proper training is necessary to make this dog biddable. They have a moderate prey drive and can be quite mouthy.

Affenpinschers have moderate energy levels and mental stimulation needs. Indoor play can suffice with either the owner or a toy, but they do need some exercise outdoors too. Affenpinschers are not very vocal but will bark on occasion.

The Affenpinscher’s short to medium length wiry coat requires grooming a couple of times a week and sheds a fair bit. These dogs are not heavy droolers.

Overall, Affenpinschers (affen means monkey in German and pinscher means terrier) are amusing and entertaining toy dogs that keep you laughing with their antics. They are brave and confident, loyal and affectionate, and are often referred to as little monkeys or little devils by their owners.

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Affenpinscher Breeders in 14 States