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Airedale Terrier Dog Breed Information

The Airedale Terrier originated in Yorkshire, England, in the Aire Valley, from where it gets its name. This is the largest breed among the terriers and is sometimes referred to as the king of terriers.

Airedale Terriers are intelligent, loving, and brave canine companions that stand 23 inches tall on average and weigh 50-70 pounds. An Airedale Terrier will live for 11-14 years.

Airedale Terriers are moderately affectionate with family members. They are loving but retain a streak of independence. With the proper training and early socialization, Airedale Terriers can do well with young children and get along with other dogs too. Small children should be supervised around an Airedale Terrier, however, as this is a relatively boisterous breed with considerable strength. For these same reasons, this is not a breed that adapts well to apartment living. Training Airedale Terriers is easy though since they are intelligent dogs.

While reasonably open to strangers, Airedale Terriers have a very strong protective nature towards family and therefore make excellent watchdogs. They are playful and adaptable and make great family pets, but may not be ideal for novice dog parents since their intensity can be a bit too much.

The Airedale Terrier has a short or medium wiry coat that requires a weekly brushing to remove dead hair. However, this is a low-shedding and hypoallergenic breed. Many people with dog allergies find they can tolerate an Airedale Terrier quite well. Also, Airedale Terriers are not big droolers.

In terms of exercise needs, Airedale Terriers are energetic dogs that need physical activity to channel their energy in a positive manner. An Airedale Terrier loves to play with family and a moderate intensity play session every day should be enough to meet this dog’s exercise requirements.

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Airedale Terrier Breeders in 32 States


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