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Boerboel Breed Information

Gigantic in size and intimidating in appearance, Boerboels (pronounced boo-er-bulls) look like the perfect watchdogs, and they are. But they’re also excellent companions that are gentle, calm, loving, and family-friendly.

If you’re thinking of bringing home a Boerboel puppy, please keep reading. The following Boerboel breed information will help you decide whether this is the right choice for your family and lifestyle.

In terms of size, Boerboels, which belong to the AKC’s Working Group, are massive, standing 22-27 inches tall and weighing a whopping 150-200 pounds. The average life expectancy of a Boerboel is 9-11 years.

In terms of family life, Boerboels are very affectionate with family members. They do quite well with young kids but must always be supervised given their large size. Boerboels can get along with other dogs but early socialization is necessary to ensure a well-adjusted adult Boerboel that can coexist peacefully with other pets in the family.

While moderately playful and open to strangers, Boerboels are highly vigilant and have a very strong protective instinct, which makes them one of the best guard dogs.

This is a breed that can adapt to some changes in routine. Boerboels are not for apartment dwellers or novice pet owners and they do not tolerate being left alone for long periods. They can tolerate hot weather quite well and cold weather moderately well.

Boerboels are highly intelligent and can be trained, but require some experience with dogs. This is a powerful and territorial dog that is calm and loyal but can dominate an unsuspecting or inexperienced handler.

They have moderately high physical energy levels and are easily bored. Therefore, Boerboels need to be kept mentally stimulated with different activities and toys. A long walk every day or a fenced yard where a Boerboel can release energy is ideal. Boerboels have a moderate barking tendency. This is not a breed you want to take to a dog park because of the tendency to get into dog fights when challenged.

The Boerboel’s short smooth coat requires only weekly brushings but sheds quite a lot. Also, these dogs can drool a fair amount.

In summary, Boerboels were developed in South Africa to protect homesteads from ferocious predators. They carry this heritage to this day with intimidating looks and strong protective instincts. These are powerful, agile, muscular dogs that have descended from the same ancient dogs as mastiffs. While they are trainable and loving towards family members, Boerboels are not the ideal breed for everyone, especially novice pet owners, given their size.

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Boerboel Breeders in 9 States