Brussels Griffon Breeders in 26 States

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Brussels Griffon Dog Breed Information

Brussels Griffons are lively, affectionate, alert, and curious dogs. They were originally bred to hunt rats in the streets of Brussels, Belgium. This a breed that is small in size and adapts well to apartment living. They also make good guard dogs. However, Brussels Griffons have quite high energy and are not couch potatoes or lap dogs.

If you are looking for Brussels Griffons puppies for sale, here’s some important information you should know about this breed.

Belonging to the AKC’s Toy Group, Brussels Griffons are diminutive in size, standing 7-10 inches tall on average and weighing around 8-10 pounds. The average lifespan of a Brussels Griffon is 12-15 years.

In terms of family life and personality, Brussels Griffons are affectionate with family members, playful, and quite open to strangers. This breed does reasonably well with young kids and other dogs provided they receive early socialization and puppy training. However, given the Brussels Griffon’s sensitive nature, this dog does not do well with too much roughhousing by kids.

While adaptable to apartment dwelling, Brussels Griffons are very vocal and will bark at the slightest provocation, so that is something to keep in mind. With the proper training, they can be taught to bark only to alert.

Brussels Griffons need daily physical activity and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. This is not a breed with very high exercise needs, however. About half an hour of activity every day should suffice.

The Brussels Griffon has a short or medium length, wiry or smooth, double coat. The smooth coat requires a weekly brushing and sheds during spring and fall. The rough coat does not shed much at all. The Brussels Griffon’s beard needs to be trimmed by the owner or a professional groomer. These dogs are not big droolers.

In summary, Brussels Griffons are dogs with complex personalities, which makes them almost human-like. The big eyes, bearded face, and whiskers give them the appearance of deep-thinking philosophers, yet Brussels Griffons are playful and alert and make great family pets.

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Brussels Griffon Breeders in 26 States