Chihuahua Breeders in 36 States

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Chihuahua Breed Information

If you’re looking for a tiny dog that’s got a lot of personality, the Chihuahua fits the description to a T. This small dog is charming and sassy and is often called a purse dog on account of its tiny size. It’s a national icon in Mexico and quite popular this side of the border too.

In terms of personality, Chihuahuas have terrier characteristics. They are confident by nature and love to play, but given their small size, it’s important to supervise children as a Chihuahua cannot withstand much roughhousing. Also, Chihuahuas love to spend time in their owner’s lap, so they do well with families that are around most of the time.

Chihuahuas are ideal pets for city dwellers and are highly adaptable to apartment living. Prospective Chihuahua owners should be aware, however, that this breed has a high barking level. Chihuahuas can be slightly wary of strangers and these dogs have a strong protective nature, but will open up to new humans once introduced by their owners.

Chihuahuas have a bright and alert appearance with erect ears and luminous eyes. They stand a diminutive 5-8 inches tall and weigh under 6 pounds. A Chihuahua lives for 14-16 years on average. They have low shedding and drooling levels and are low-maintenance dogs. The Chihuahua’s short to medium length smooth coat requires only very occasional brushings, approximately once a month.

In summary, Chihuahuas are loyal, charming, sassy dogs with lots of personality and attitude. They are ideal pets for people who are short on living space, given their tiny size.

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Chihuahua Breeders in 36 States