Chinese Crested Breeders in 25 States

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Chinese Crested Dog Breed Information

A friendly, alert, lively, and affectionate dog, the Chinese Crested is the ultimate canine companion. The tufts of hair on the head, ankles, and tail give this dog a characteristic appearance. If you’re interested in this breed, here’s some key information that you might want to read.

Chinese Crested are small dogs, standing 11-13 inches tall on average and weighing around 8-12 pounds. The average lifespan of a Chinese Crested dog is 13-18 years.

This breed is affectionate with family members and does reasonably well with young kids and other dogs. Chinese Crested are generally open to strangers and moderately playful. They are adaptable to changes in daily routine, weather, noise, etc. The protective instinct of this breed is not the strongest, but they can make reasonably good watchdogs.

Chinese Crested have moderate energy levels and mental stimulation needs. This breed’s exercise needs can be met with short walks every day or play sessions in the yard. They will bark on occasion but are not the most vocal of dog breeds.

This dog is quite eager to please and consequently easy to train with gentle guidance. Chinese Crested dogs are sensitive, however, and harsh words can lead to irreparable damage in the relationship between dog and owner. Chinese Crested do very well in agility and obedience exercises as well as lure coursing.

In terms of grooming needs, Chinese Crested dogs have a short or medium silky or hairless coat. The silky coat does not shed a great deal and requires 1-2 grooming sessions per week. The hairless version requires no grooming at all, but it requires careful protection against sunburn and allergies with sunscreen, acne lotion, protective clothing, etc. Chinese Crested are not big droolers.

So, if you want to bring home an elegant and graceful dog that is affectionate, alert, and lively, consider the Chinese Crested. Puppy Hero lists several top Chinese Crested breeders who will be happy to answer your questions and give you a happy, healthy Chinese Crested puppy to bring home.

Chinese Crested Breeders in 25 States