German Pinscher Breeders in 4 States

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German Pinscher Breed Information

Muscular, powerful, agile, graceful… these are just some of the words used to describe German Pinschers or GPs. These elegant and intelligent dogs are beloved for their brave and vivacious nature and make wonderful house pets and companions.

If you are interested in this breed, please keep reading. The following information will help you decide if a German Pinscher will be the right fit for your family and lifestyle.

In terms of size, German Pinschers, which belong to the AKC’s Working Group, are medium sized dogs, standing 17-20 inches tall and weighing 25-45 pounds. The average life expectancy of a German Pinscher is 12-14 years.

German Pinschers are very playful and highly affectionate with family members. They do well with young children and other dogs provided they receive early socialization with children and animals in a variety of settings when they are puppies.

While moderately open to strangers, German Pinschers have a highly protective nature and are extremely vigilant. They therefore make very good guard dogs.

This is a reasonably adaptable breed that can adjust to some changes in routine. You can consider a German Pinscher if you live in an apartment provided you can meet this athletic dog’s exercise needs. This is a sensitive breed and a moderately good choice for novice pet owners.

German Pinschers are very eager to please and highly intelligent and therefore very trainable. However, they do require some experience with handling dogs as they can be somewhat willful.

Prospective owners of German Pinschers should know that these dogs have very high energy levels and need to stay busy to stay out of trouble. They are working dogs by heritage and need a job or activity to do rather than simply lounging around the home. The barking level of German Pinschers is moderate. They have a strong prey drive and must be trained to be biddable and kept on leash when outside.

The German Pinscher’s short smooth coat requires a weekly grooming session and can shed moderately. German Pinschers are not heavy droolers.

Sleek, elegant, and agile, GPs are no-fuss dogs that fit well into most lifestyles. They are striking looking with dark eyes, an eager expression, rippling muscles, and a confident gait.

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German Pinscher Breeders in 4 States