Norwich Terrier Breeders in 9 States

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Norwich Terrier Breed Information

How does a loving, devoted, alert, curious, and outgoing dog sound? Perfect? Then consider the Norwich Terrier. This breed originated as a ratter and fox hunter’s companion, but is now a beloved family pet and companion that can also double up as a vermin exterminator for the home.

If you are considering bringing home a Norwich Terrier, please continue reading. The breed information in the following paragraphs will help you decide whether a Norwich Terrier is the right fit for your family and lifestyle.

In terms of size, the Norwich Terrier is a small dog, standing around 10 inches tall and weighing under 12 pounds. The average lifespan of a Norwich Terrier is 12-15 years, so this is a long-living breed.

Personality wise, Norwich Terriers are friendly and affectionate towards pretty much everyone – family members, children, other dogs, and strangers. They are playful and active and make quite good watchdogs too. This is an adaptable breed that can adjust to changes in routine.

Training a Norwich Terrier is relatively easy. They are smart dogs that are eager to please and respond well to reward-based training.

A Norwich Terrier can adapt to apartment living provided the owners can give it plenty of exercise and attention. However, this is not a breed that can stay alone for long periods. Also, Norwich Terriers are quite vocal, so that is something apartment dwellers might want to keep in mind, as the barking may cause problems with neighbors.

Also, Norwich Terriers have an innate instinct to hunt and so they must be kept on leash when outdoors or in a fenced yard at all times.

A Norwich Terrier needs to stay active and busy to remain happy and healthy. This is a dog that will tirelessly play fetch for hours on end and then enjoy cuddling on the couch with its humans.

Norwich Terriers have a short, wiry, weatherproof double coat that needs hand stripping and regular grooming. These dogs are not heavy droolers, however.

In summary, Norwich Terriers are small, sturdy, working dogs that are energetic and curious. They make excellent companions and cute family pets. This breed is closely related to Norfolk Terriers, but Norwich Terriers have erect ears as the distinguishing feature.

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Norwich Terrier Breeders in 9 States