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Poodle Breed Characteristics and Traits

Poodles are a smart and active breed that is highly affectionate with family members, does exceptionally well with young children, and gets along reasonably well with other dogs.

The average Poodle is a medium sized dog, approximately 15 inches in height and 40-70 pounds in weight. Besides the standard size, Poodles also come in miniature and toy varieties that are under 15 inches and under 10 inches, respectively. The average life expectancy of Poodles is 10-18 years, so you can enjoy years of loving companionship with them. Common colors are black, apricot, blue, brown, white, café au lait, cream, red, silver, and beige.

Poodles are aristocratic dogs with a proud disposition and high intelligence. They are energetic and eager to please, which makes them easily trainable with good all-around athletic ability. That Poodles are sissy dogs is a stereotype that needs to go.

In terms of grooming, Poodles have a curly, low-allergy coat that needs to be brushed daily to the skin to prevent matting at the roots. You can also keep your Poodle’s coat trimmed short – you can learn to do this yourself or take your Poodle to a professional groomer every 4-6 weeks for a hair trim, nail trim, and bath.

Poodles are active dogs that require a fair amount of daily exercise. They enjoy all kinds of activities such as walking, swimming, and games like fetch. This is a superbly smart breed that is easily trained. You’ll find that your Poodle is agile, energetic, and obedient if you make the training routine a fun and positive experience.

Like with most breeds, obesity is a concern in Poodles. You’ll have to watch your dog’s calories, choose healthy treats, and give dog treats in moderation to keep your Poodle at a healthy weight.

Puppy Hero can help you find a purebred Poodle from a responsible breeder near you. We’ve also got tons of information on finding the perfect breed, choosing the right breeder, feeding your dog, and training your new pup.

Poodle Breeders in 46 States


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