Toy Fox Terrier Breeders in 13 States

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Toy Fox Terrier Breed Information

Originally bred to hunt small game and serve as ratters on farms, the Toy Fox Terrier is now mostly a house pet, a devoted, friendly, intelligent canine companion that never fails to keep their family entertained.

If you are looking for Toy Fox Terrier puppies for sale, here’s some important information about this breed that you should know.

In terms of size, Toy Fox Terriers are small, as expected from a Toy Group breed. They stand 8-12 inches tall and weigh 4-10 pounds. The average life expectancy of a Toy Fox Terrier is 13-15 years.

Toy Fox Terriers tend to be very affectionate with family members and do reasonably well with young kids and other dogs, provided they receive early socialization in a variety of settings when they are puppies.

This is a playful breed that is very open to strangers, but Toy Fox Terriers have a strong protective instinct and vigilant nature and therefore make excellent watchdogs.

In general, a Toy Fox Terrier is very adaptable and will adjust to changes in routine. They are ideal for apartment dwellers, given their size. Novice pet owners can consider this breed. However, it is worth noting that Toy Fox Terriers do not tolerate being alone and are quite sensitive.

These dogs are very eager to please and therefore easily trainable. They have very high energy levels and mental stimulation needs. Prospective owners of Toy Fox Terriers should therefore be prepared to spend time ensuring these dogs get plenty of daily exercise, such as running, hiking, long walks, or active play.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Toy Fox Terriers are quite vocal and can bark quite a lot. Also, they have a very strong prey drive and wanderlust instinct, so they must be kept on leash or in a fenced yard, because a Toy Fox Terrier won’t be able to resist chasing small animals.

The Toy Fox Terrier has a short, smooth, satiny coat that is pretty much fuss-free but can shed quite a bit. These dogs are not heavy droolers.

All in all, TFTs are loving lapdog-sized companions that make amusing pets. They are tenacious, active, and alert. Toy Fox Terriers love to spend time outdoors as well as curl up on the couch with their owners, so they are wonderfully balanced dogs.

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Toy Fox Terrier Breeders in 13 States