Weimaraner Breeders in 39 States

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Weimaraner Dog Breed Information

Active families and individuals who are looking for a friendly, brave, obedient, sporty dog that will enthusiastically join them in all kinds of activities can consider the Weimaraner.

Belonging to the AKC’s Sporting Group, this is a medium to large sized dog that stands 23-27 inches tall on average and weighs anywhere from 55 to 90 pounds. The average life expectancy for this breed is 10-13 years.

Weimaraners make excellent family pets. They are highly affectionate with family members, very playful, and exceptionally good with young children. A well-trained and socialized Weimaraner will get along well with other dogs in the household too. This is a hardy, adaptable breed that can keep up with whatever new adventures you’ve got planned.

Weimaraners are obedient and highly trainable with very high energy levels. As a result, they need plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation on a daily basis. These dogs are moderate barkers and have a very protective nature, which makes them great watchdogs. They are reasonably open to strangers introduced to them by their owners, however, and will not be overly aggressive. Keep in mind that Weimaraners love to spend time with their humans and this dog will need to be treated like a full-fledged family member.

In terms of grooming needs, Weimaraners have a smooth short coat that requires brushings approximately once a week. The coat sheds moderately and these dogs may drool a bit, so those are additional things prospective Weimaraner owners should keep in mind.

Training a Weimaraner is easy, but these dogs are smart so they learn both good and bad behaviors equally quickly. That’s why it’s important to be firm and consistent during training.

Does it sound like the Weimaraner is the perfect breed for you? This beautiful, sleek, swift dog is a real looker and has a friendly temperament and obedient nature to boot. Called the Gray Ghost and hailing from Germany, the Weimaraner has lots of qualities that make it a highly desirable canine companion.

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Weimaraner Breeders in 39 States