Wire Fox Terrier Breeders in 20 States

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Wire Fox Terrier Breed Information

Belonging to the AKC’s Terrier Group, Wire Fox Terriers were originally bred to flush out foxes during hunts. Today, the Wire Fox Terrier is an alert, outgoing, and confident family pet.

If you are thinking of bringing home a Wire Fox Terrier puppy, please keep reading for some important information about this breed. This will help you decide if a Wire Fox Terrier is a suitable breed for your family and lifestyle.

In terms of size, Wire Fox Terriers are small dogs, standing around 15 inches tall and weighing around 15-18 pounds. The average lifespan of a Wire Fox Terrier is 12-15 years.

In terms of family life and personality, Wire Fox Terriers are quite playful and very affectionate with family members. They do exceedingly well with young kids and can get along with other dogs provided they receive early socialization as puppies.

Wire Fox Terriers are very open to strangers and make friends easily. They do, however, have a strong protective instinct and make reasonably good watchdogs. This is an adaptable breed that can adjust to apartment dwelling as well as changes in schedule. Novice pet owners can consider this breed.

Training a Wire Fox Terrier can be challenging but is not impossible. These dogs are essentially eager to please but can be stubborn on occasion and are easily bored.

Prospective owners of Wire Fox Terriers should know that they have moderate to high energy levels and need to be kept mentally stimulated to stay out of trouble. A long walk daily or a vigorous play session with a ball in the backyard should be the order of the day with this breed. Also, you should know that Wire Fox Terriers can be very vocal and bark quite a lot. This dog has a very strong prey drive and must be kept on leash at all times as he or she cannot resist chasing small animals.

Grooming the Wire Fox Terrier’s medium length wiry double coat requires regular brushings to avoid matting. It also requires a commitment to clippering or hand stripping the coat, either yourself or professionally. The coat does not shed excessively, however. These dogs are not heavy droolers.

In summary, Wire Fox Terriers are sturdy hunters’ companions that make wonderful family pets. They are good looking and smart pooches with adorable expressions and tons of personality. Training Wire Fox Terriers can be challenging but can be done with some patience.

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Wire Fox Terrier Breeders in 20 States