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Yorkshire Terrier Breed Information

This is a toy-sized dog with an impressive floor-length glossy coat. But Yorkshire Terriers are more than just good lookers. This dog has a feisty, sprightly personality that is easy to fall in love with.

Originally bred as ratters in mines and mills, terriers became popular in Victorian times as companions for ladies, given their rich, silky coat and dainty looks. But their terrier lineage ensures that they are anything but dainty – in fact you can be sure your Yorkshire Terrier will be a brave and vigilant addition to your family with a big attitude to match.

Yorkies are very affectionate with family members and great with young children. Also, Yorkshire Terriers do reasonably well with other dogs provided they are socialized and trained properly.

In terms of average size, Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs, averaging 7-8 inches in height and weighing around 7 pounds. They live long, 11-15 years on average. Standard colors in Yorkshire Terriers are black, tan, blue, gold, and combinations of these colors.

This is a hypoallergenic breed with a coat that’s quite similar to human hair. It therefore needs appropriate grooming and care. If you keep your Yorkshire Terrier’s coat long, it will need to be brushed daily to prevent matting. You should trim the hair on the head to avoid irritating your dog’s eyes. It’s also important to bathe your Yorkie every 7-10 days to keep the coat clean and odor-free.

Yorkshire Terriers need moderate exercise, such as walking at a steady pace with their owner once a day or chasing a ball in the backyard. Yorkies also do well with obedience and agility exercises to keep their mind and body healthy. Positive reinforcement during training of a Yorkie puppy will yield far better results than a harsh attitude. Yorkshire Terriers should be introduced to new people and situations slowly to give them time to adapt. Nutrition should be age-appropriate and vet supervised. Treats can help with training but overdoing it can lead to obesity.

Yorkshire Terrier Breeders in 47 States


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