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At Wind Whispers Farm, LLC, located in Central Montana, we are dedicated to raising top-quality Collies. We prioritize a balanced approach in our breeding program, starting with comprehensive health testing for over 250 canine diseases. Our commitment to health is always expanding and stepping up to embrace new testing as it comes along. In addition to health, we carefully evaluate and consider various factors such as structure, temperament, personality, biddability, inclination, and work ability. Our ultimate goal is to produce Collies that are not only supple and capable of performing various tasks, but also possess a calm demeanor and sound mind. ​ Our Collies are incredibly versatile and can excel in different environments. They can be found working on farms, participating in agility and barn hunt competitions, serving as service animals, being part of active families, providing emotional support, and simply enjoying family life. We are proud to offer UKC, AKC, and OTSC Collies. When puppies are born, we prioritize their development through Puppy Culture, which includes Bio Sensor Exercises. This approach has shown remarkable results, as we have witnessed significant improvements in the puppies since implementing these exercises. Their temperament is astonishing, and their confidence levels are high. As Puppy Culture aptly states, "The proof is in the puppies!" In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we constantly strive to raise the bar and set new standards in raising healthy collies. As new tests have emerged, we are actively making plans to incorporate them into our testing regimen by 2024. This ensures that we stay up-to-date and maintain the highest quality standards for our collies. When you choose one of our Collies, you become a valued member of our Wind Whispers Family. We take great pride in our zealousness for both our human family and our collie family. It is our commitment to provide exceptional care and support to all members of our extended family.



Wind Whispers Makin Mischief - Beckett

1 year

Call or Text 406-564-7260 to learn more... Beckett is an absolute delight! This romping boy is full...

Marc & Suzanne Newman - Wind Whispers Farm

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