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The American Bully is a relatively new breed of dog that has gained immense popularity over the years. Originating from the United States, this breed was developed by crossing various bully breeds such as the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. At American Bully Farm, we specialize in breeding high-quality pocket bully puppies for sale. Our goal is to produce healthy, well-tempered, and physically impressive bully puppies that make great companions for families and individuals alike. Breeding Standards At American Bully Farm, we have strict breeding standards to ensure the health and well-being of our puppies. We carefully select our breeding pairs based on their physical attributes, temperament, and genetic testing. All of our pocket bully puppies for sale come from champion bloodlines, which means they have a long line of ancestors with exceptional qualities. We also conduct genetic testing on our breeding pairs to screen for any potential health issues and prevent passing them on to their offspring. Care and Nutrition We believe that proper care and nutrition are essential for the overall well-being of our puppies. That's why we provide our customers with detailed care instructions and recommend high-quality dog food for their bully puppies. Our pocket bully puppies are raised in a clean and safe environment, providing them with the necessary socialization and training from a young age. We also ensure that our puppies receive all required vaccinations and deworming treatments before they go to their new homes. Finding the Perfect Puppy The Pocket Bully, also known as the American Bully, is a popular breed of dog that has gained a lot of attention in recent years. These compact and muscular dogs are known for their playful and loving personalities, making them great companions for families and individuals alike. Origins The Pocket Bully is a relatively new breed, with its origins tracing back to the 1980s in the United States. It was created by crossing American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and various bulldog breeds. The goal was to develop a smaller and more compact version of the larger Bully breeds. Characteristics Pocket Bully puppies have a stocky and athletic build, with a height ranging from 14-17 inches and a weight of 30-60 pounds. They have a broad chest, powerful legs, and a prominent head with a strong jaw. These puppies come in various colors and patterns, including brindle, fawn, blue, black, and white. Temperament One of the most appealing qualities of Pocket Bully puppies is their friendly temperament. They are known to be affectionate, playful, and highly sociable. They thrive on attention and love to be around their owners. With proper training and socialization, they can get along well with children and other pets. Care Pocket Bully puppies require regular exercise to maintain their muscle mass and energy levels. This breed is not recommended for first-time dog owners as they require a firm yet gentle hand in training. They also need a balanced diet and regular grooming to keep their coats healthy and shiny.




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Ninia is a female American bully puppy. She is perfect for those looking for American pocket bully f...

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