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Border Collie Breed Characteristics

Border Collies belong to the AKC’s Herding Group. These energetic and loving dogs are athletic herders who love to snuggle with their humans when the day’s work is done. If you’re looking for Border Collie puppies for sale nearby, here’s some key information about this breed.

Border Collies are agile, athletic, energetic, and highly trainable. These qualities make them excellent working dogs. But Border Collies are also great family pets.

However, while they are affectionate and loving with family members, Border Collies can be reserved with strangers. Also, families thinking about bringing home a Border Collie puppy should know that this is a very high-energy breed that also has a propensity to bark. This is not surprising, given the dogs herding lineage, but it’s something prospective owners should be aware of.

Exercise needs for Border Collies are high. A walk around the block is not enough for these athletic, energetic dos. BCs need vigorous exercise and space to run. So, this is not the breed for a family that stays mostly indoors and doesn’t get very active. On the other hand, Border Collies are ideal family pets for physically active families and individuals.

This is a highly adaptable breed, and your Border Collie will adjust to changing schedules, weather conditions, noise levels, etc., taking everything in her stride.

In terms of size, the average Border Collie stands 18-22 inches tall and weighs 30-55 pounds. On average, Border Collies live for 12-15 years.

Physical characteristics include a moderate shedding and low drooling tendency. The Border Collie’s coat is a medium length, wavy double coat that requires occasional brushings a couple of times a week.

You can expect your Border Collie to be very affectionate and playful with family members, but they are not the top choice of breed for families with young children or other dogs in the household. However, this is not a deal breaker and a well-trained Border Collie can do well with both children and other canine companions.

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Border Collie Breeders in 34 States


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