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Collie Dog Breed Information

If you’re looking for a graceful, affectionate, and devoted canine companion, consider the Collie. Belonging to the AKC’s Herding Group, this is a medium sized dog that stands 22-26 inches tall on average and weighs around 50-75 pounds. The average Collie lives for 12-14 years.

Personality wise, Collies are very trainable and have moderate energy levels. They are big barkers, however, which is not surprising, given that they are herding dogs.

Your Collie will need a moderate amount of physical activity and mental stimulation, so this is not a dog for extremely laidback individuals and families who love to lounge around indoors all day.

Collies are affectionate towards family members and do well with young children. They can get along with other dogs in the household too. Collies are quite playful by nature but can be slightly wary of strangers, although they will open up soon enough and won’t be overly aggressive towards people they don’t know. Collies, therefore, make reasonably good watchdogs but are not the most vigilant dog breed out there. Collies are robust, hardy dogs that can adapt to changes in schedule, weather, etc.

In terms of grooming care, Collies can have a rough or smooth, short or long coat that sheds moderately and needs 1-2 brushings a week. They are mostly low droolers, however.

Prospective owners should know that there are some key differences between Collies and a related breed called Border Collies:

  • Collies are slightly larger in size than Border Collies.
  • Collies come in rough and smooth coats and long and short coats. Border Collies have a short, smooth coat.
  • Collies are calmer and more laidback than Border Collies in general.
  • Collies do better with young children. Border Collies may nip and herd young kids.
  • Collies have lower exercise needs than Border Collies.
  • Collies are more eager to please and therefore more trainable. However, Border Collies are more agile and obedient.
  • Collies may live slightly longer than Border Collies.

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Collie Breeders in 39 States


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