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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breed Information

If you’re looking for a family-friendly, dependable, and devoted dog who is also a versatile working dog, consider the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (GSMD) or Swissy as they are affectionately called. Bred in Switzerland for pulling carts, herding cattle, and guarding pastures, this is a breed that makes a wonderful family pet for active families that keep it busy.

In terms of size, the average Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is 23-28 inches tall and weighs around 85-140 pounds. So, these are large dogs, and given their working dog heritage, they need plenty of space. For this reason, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs don’t adapt easily to apartment living. Also, a Swissy may not be the best choice of breed for novice pet owners.

Personality wise, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are very affectionate with family members and do really well with young kids. They get along moderately well with other dogs. As with all breeds, early training and socialization are key to ensure a well-adjusted and well-behaved adult Swissy.

A Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is generally very open with strangers and playful too, but this dog can make a very good guard dog with the appropriate training. These dogs are quite adaptable to changes and do well as members of busy families that have constantly changing schedules.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs have a short, smooth coat that is fuss-free for the most part. They are moderate shedders and droolers, however. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog’s coat usually blows out twice a year.

Before bringing home a Swissy puppy, you should be aware that these are working dogs and have high mental stimulation needs and energy levels. A long walk or a romp in the outdoors is generally enough to meet the daily exercise needs. They are moderately vocal and will bark on occasion.

It is quite easy to train a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog with gentle, consistent, reward-based training methods.

All in all, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are strong, agile, athletic, hardworking dogs that make wonderful companions. They have a majestic appearance and sweet temperament and are perfect for active families and hiking enthusiasts.

Can’t wait to bring home a GSMD puppy? Puppy Hero lists reputable breeders of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs so that you can be sure you’re bringing home a happy, healthy puppy that was raised with love and care and received early socialization and puppy training classes.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breeders in 21 States


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