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Irish Wolfhound Breed Information

Originally bred in Ireland to hunt large game such as wolves, boar, and deer and also used in war, the modern-day Irish Wolfhound is a loving family companion that carries the accolade of being the tallest dog breed in the world. If you’re looking for Irish Wolfhound puppies for sale, here’s some key information you should know about this breed.

Standing 30-32 inches tall on average and weighing around 105-120 pounds, Irish Wolfhounds are large dogs. For this reason, they may not be the best choice for apartment dwellers. Indeed, a large Irish Wolfhound can stand 3 feet tall at the shoulders and weigh 180 pounds. The average life expectancy for this breed is on the lower side in the canine world at 6-8 years.

In terms of personality and traits, Irish Wolfhounds are brave, calm, serene, and dignified in demeanor. They are very affectionate and agreeable with family members and do reasonably well with young kids in the family. Given their size, however, IW’s should be supervised around small children. A well-trained Irish Wolfhound who received early socialization as a puppy can exist peacefully with kids and other dogs.

Irish Wolfhounds are moderately open to strangers and also reasonably playful. They have a strong watchdog or protective instinct and make excellent guard dogs. Keep in mind thought that you will need a yard with a tall fence to keep this giant from galloping away in hot pursuit of wildlife (Irish Wolfhounds have a very strong prey drive).

You may find it moderately challenging to train an Irish Wolfhound puppy depending on your experience with dogs. This breed is neither strongly self-willed not very eager to please, but is a fast learner. Sensitive, firm guidance during training usually works well. However, you should know these dogs can be destructive and may injure themselves if left alone for long periods.

Irish Wolfhounds have medium energy levels and mental stimulation needs. They do need plenty of open space, and a fenced yard is best where they can be left to run around (given their strong instinct to chase prey). A walk on a leash also works well. These dogs do not bark unnecessarily and are not very vocal.

The Irish Wolfhound’s medium length wiry coat sheds a fair amount throughout the year. The coat requires 1-2 weekly grooming sessions. Irish Wolfhounds are not big droolers. This breed adapts better to cold weather than it does to hot weather.

All in all, the Irish Wolfhound is a dog with a commanding presence. The massive size, however, belies this dog’s sweet, gentle, and calm disposition.

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Irish Wolfhound Breeders in 24 States


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