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Lhasa Apso Dog Breed Information

Originally hailing from the mountainous kingdom of Tibet where they were raised to be monastery watchdogs and aristocrat’s companions in palaces, Lhasa Apsos are now a popular breed around the world and make great family companions. They are exotic and elegant, loyal and confident. In addition to being very intelligent dogs, Lhasa Apsos are also sturdy and adaptable. A Lhasa Apso will adjust to apartment and country living equally well. This breed is a good choice for first-time pet parents too.

If you are thinking about bringing home a Lhasa Apso puppy, here’s some key information about this breed that you should know.

Size wise, Lhasa Apsos are 10-11 inches tall and weigh around 12-18 pounds. They live for 12-15 years on average.

Lhasa Apsos are playful and affectionate with family members and do reasonably well with young children and other dogs. They are open to strangers but are not overly friendly. A Lhasa Apso has a strong protective nature and therefore makes a very good watchdog. This is a highly adaptable breed that can easily adjust to changes in weather, noise, daily schedule, etc.

A Lhasa Apso has moderate exercise and mental stimulation needs. These dogs can work off their energy by running around indoors, including in an apartment. This breed will bark on occasion but is not overly vocal. It is not very difficult to train a Lhasa Apso with gentle, but firm and consistent reward-based training methods. You will get a better response from your Lhasa Apso if you keep the training exercises interesting and creative.

In terms of grooming care, Lhasa Apsos have a long silky coat that requires frequent grooming but does not shed a great deal. You will need to learn the correct technique for brushing your Lhasa Apso’s coat and bathe the dog twice a month as well. This breed is not likely to drool a lot.

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Lhasa Apso Breeders in 21 States


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