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Mastiff Breed Information

Mastiffs are imposing-looking dogs with a wonderful temperament. They are calm, dignified, and brave. While docile in nature, Mastiffs are protective of their families and can intimidate an intruder with their size alone. Want to find out more about this courageous and gorgeous looking breed? Read on.

Mastiffs have a characteristic broad, black-masked face. They are heavy-boned dogs that stand 27-30 inches tall and weigh a whopping 120-230 pounds. The average lifespan of a Mastiff is 6-10 years.

Mastiffs have a short double coat that sheds moderately. They are low maintenance, however, and require only occasional brushings. One thing prospective owners of Mastiffs should know is that Mastiff are big droolers.

You can expect your Mastiff dog to be very affectionate with members of the family. These large dogs are good with young children, but as with all breeds, children must be supervised and not left alone with the dog. Mastiffs can get along reasonably well with other dogs in the household too.

In terms of social characteristics, Mastiffs are not highly playful but will join you in some activities. They tend to be wary of strangers and have a strong protective instinct. Mastiffs do not bark unnecessarily, so if your Mastiff is barking, you should check out what’s up.

Additionally, Mastiffs are quite adaptable to changing lifestyles, weather, schedule, etc. Exercise needs are moderate for this large breed, as are mental stimulation needs.

One last thing. It’s important you give your Mastiff the appropriate high-protein nutrition according to age. This breed is prone to developing skeletal disorders. It’s also important to stick to a feeding schedule and limit treats to avoid weight gain.

All in all, Mastiffs are wonderful, loving companions that make great guard dogs. Their massive size belies a calm and docile temperament. Can’t wait to bring home a Mastiff puppy? Puppy Hero has contact information for reputable Mastiff breeders throughout the country. Check out the listings today and bring home your adorable Mastiff puppy.

Mastiff Breeders in 38 States


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