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Is Zignature Dog Food Human Grade?

The Zignature dog food brand offers 16 unique formulas, including wet and dry foods as well as treats for dogs. This brand is advertised as a limited-ingredient dog food that contains only a handful of carefully selected ingredients that are both nutritious and flavorsome. Keep reading to find out whether Zignature dog food is human grade (and what human-grade means) plus other benefits of giving your dog Zignature.

Is Zignature dog food made in China?

No, Zignature dog food is not made in China. It is a US manufactured brand with production facilities in Minnesota and South Dakota. The ingredients are sourced from the US, New Zealand, Australia, and France.

What company owns Zignature dog food?

A California-based company, Pets Global Inc., owns the Zignature dog food brand. They also make cat food and own brands like Fussie Cat, Essence Pet Foods, and Inception Pet Foods.

Is Zignature healthy for dogs?

Zignature is a premium dog food brand and it is healthy for dogs. This is an especially good choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs, digestive issues, and food allergies because it is made with a limited number of wholesome ingredients. Indeed, if your dog is allergic to the commonly used animal proteins such as chicken or has grain allergies, for example, to wheat or corn, Zignature dog food may be worth trying out.

This dog food brand uses non-traditional animal proteins such as venison, pork, turkey, trout, salmon, and kangaroo. It is gluten-free as well as corn, soy, and chicken-free. If your dog has food sensitivities, another option besides Zignature is a plant-based vegan dog food brand such as Wild Earth.

Is Zignature dog food human-grade?

Zignature dog food is not specifically labeled as “human grade.” In general, when dog food is called human grade, it means it is made using ingredients and processes that are fit for human consumption. However, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not clearly define the term human grade, so there is no way of knowing for sure if a particular brand of dog food is truly human grade. Also, it’s worth remembering that not all human foods are safe or healthy for your dog (here are some human foods that are safe for your dog).

Coming back to Zignature, while it is not labeled as human-grade, the manufacturer does say it is a limited-ingredient formula that uses high-quality and wholesome ingredients.

Is Zignature all grain-free?

Yes, as mentioned above, Zignature dog food is a limited ingredient formula that is grain-free. It’s a great choice for dogs with gluten sensitivity or food allergies to corn, soy, or potatoes.

Is Zignature dog food good for allergies?

If your dog has skin allergies, Zignature pet food might help to control their symptoms. This dog food formula contains only a handful of ingredients so it is less likely to trigger allergies. Also, it is grain-free and uses non-traditional animal proteins. Plus, it has ingredients that are known to lower inflammation and boost the immune system.

How to transition my dog to Zignature?

Start by introducing a small amount of Zignature into your dog’s diet and reducing the previous brand of dog food by the same amount. Watch for any changes in your dog’s health during the period of transition and contact your veterinarian if your dog develops any symptoms.

How long is Zignature dog food good for?

Once you open a package of Zignature dry dog food, you should use it within 90 days. You don’t need to refrigerate dry dog food. The wet food should be used within 3 days. Store Zignature dog food in cool, dry conditions. Keep wet dog food in a resealable container and dry dog food in a tightly rolled package that is airtight. Most Zignature dog food products have a shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture. Always check the package label and never give your dog expired Zignaure dog food.

23 February, 2023