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Why Are Dogs So Cute?

Falling in love with a dog can change your life. Attachment to a furry, four-legged friend can shift your attitude and behavior, make you more responsible, and give you a chance to experience unconditional love and loyalty. Much of this probably resonates if you are a “dog person” already, but have you ever wondered – What makes dogs so cute?


Why are dogs so adorable?

A big reason why dogs are so cute is because they look cute. So much so that just one glimpse of your dog can put a big smile on your face. A big round head, floppy ears, liquid eyes that make you melt, soft fur, and a lovable tail all add up to a very appealing pooch package.

In addition to looks, dogs are cute because of their mannerisms. When your dog comes up to you wagging his tail, nuzzling your face, or licking your hands, he can be quite irresistible. Dogs are also known to sense their owners’ moods, illness, etc. So, as you form a strong bond with your pet, you can find her cuter over time.

Many dog lovers are attracted to dogs because dogs are helpless and rely on humans to feed them and care for them. This makes dogs much like human babies and triggers mushy feelings. Playing with a dog or cuddling with a dog can flood our brains with feel-good chemicals. So, we associate dogs with good feelings and find them cute.

Why is my dog so cute?

Just like parents find their baby the cutest, dog parents find their puppy the most adorable. Our brains are programmed to perceive what is ours and precious to us as the cutest. This is further reinforced when we give our dog a name, spend quality time with her, share her photos with friends and family, celebrate her birthday, etc.

Why are dogs so sweet to humans?

Human brains are flooded with feel-good chemicals when they interact with dogs. Similarly, studies have found that dog brains are also flooded with oxytocin, known as the cuddle chemical or love hormone, when they spend time with their owners. In fact, animal behavior researchers have found that there is a bigger surge of oxytocin when a dog interacts with his owner compared to interactions with other dogs or strangers.

What are the cutest dog breeds?

All dogs are cute in their own way, but dogs are also deliberately bred to be look even cuter. Small dogs often appear more adorable to humans than larger dogs. Some of the cutest dog breeds are mixed breeds that have been cross bred to increase their cuteness quotient. If you want to slam your Instagram feed with the cutest dog photos ever, consider cute dog breeds like Pomeranians, Cavachons, Cockapoos, Maltipoos, Chow-Chows, and Shih Tzus.

26 December, 2022