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Dachshund Breed Information

Dachshunds are a friendly and curious breed with lots of spunk and vivacity in their personalities. The Dachshund’s low sitting silhouette is eye catching, making it one of the most instantly recognizable breeds in the world.

Dachshunds are around 8-9 inches in height (standard size) or 5-6 inches tall (miniature versions). The average weight of a Dachshund is 16-32 pounds (under 11 pounds for miniatures). On average, Dachshunds live for 12-16 years. Standard colors for Dachshunds are black, tan, chocolate, cream, fawn, wheaten, red, and combinations of these colors. Markings are sable, brindle, piebald, dapple, and combinations of these. The coat is of three types – smooth, longhaired, or wirehaired.

Dachshunds are highly affectionate dogs that do reasonably well with young children and get along with other dogs. Their short legs are not built for strenuous activities like distance running, high jumps, or long swims. However, the Dachshund’s size belies a big, bold personality. They are smart and vigilant and always up for some fun. Dachshunds have a loud bark which they’re not afraid to use, so they make excellent guard dogs.

In terms of grooming, Dachshunds shed moderately but tend to be relatively clean dogs with no odor. The smooth coat variety in Dachshunds is low maintenance and needs nothing more than a quick wipe with a glove or towel to look well groomed. Longhaired Dachshunds need a little more grooming care with frequent brushings. A wirehaired Dachshund’s coat will need to be plucked and hand-stripped multiple times a year to keep it healthy.

While Dachshunds are not built for strenuous activity, they do need some exercise to stay fit. Two short-to-medium length walks a day are typically sufficient. It’s important not to allow Dachshunds to jump off furniture or run up and down stairs to prevent injuries.

Training and socialization of Dachshund puppies is important, as with all breeds. Dachshunds are highly intelligent but also have a stubborn streak in their personalities, so the training can get challenging. Consistency and patience with positive reinforcement are key to raising a happy, well-adjusted adult Dachshund.

Obesity is a serious problem among Dachshunds because in addition to the usual health problems it can cause in all dogs, the excess weight can put pressure on a Dachshund’s long back, which can lead to problems like slipped discs. Table scraps and treats should be given very sparingly to this breed and food should be kept out of reach (remember that Dachshunds are trouble seekers with a naughty streak and will get to food if they can).

Dachshund Breeders in 39 States


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