Family Friendly Dog Breeds

So you’ve decided to take the leap! Buying a puppy for your family is a super exciting time for any household—especially the kids. But before you welcome that new furry family member into your home, you’re gonna want to dive into some thorough research to ensure you’re choosing the best dog to have as a family pet. 

That’s why the doggy pros at Puppy Hero have created this guide, where we’ll take you through what you should be looking for when it comes to picking the best kind of family dog We’ll also be giving you a rundown of some of the best breeds out there, so you can rest easy that you’ll be choosing the best kind of family dog. 

What Would Make The Best Breed For My Family?

Whether you have a big family or a small family, you’re going to want to make sure that the breed you choose is well suited to the little ones (and the grown-ups!) in your home. 

With different dog breeds being renowned for their wildly varying dispositions, temperaments, and personalities, it can certainly seem like a pretty daunting task when it comes to finding that perfect family pup. 

Not to worry! Puppy Hero is here to save the day, with a super handy list of some of the traits you should be looking out for when on the hunt for the best kind of family dog. 


Anyone who’s had the joy of spending time with puppies will already know that these little balls of fun can be pretty boisterous! No matter what breed you settle on, your new pup is likely to be a bit of a handful when he or she is settling into their new home.

However, there are breeds out there that have a more relaxed and chilled-out disposition than others, especially when they start to grow up a little and their lovely personality starts to shine through. You’ll want your new family member to be as calm and relaxed as possible, ensuring it’s the best dog around kids and one of the best dogs to have as a family pet. This can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your home running smoothly, especially if you’re looking for a dog that’s suitable for apartment living. 


There are few things more rewarding than watching your family grow to love and be loved back tenfold by their new best buddy. If this is something you want to experience, you’ll be looking for a loyal dog that has a lot of love to give.


As well as being able to impress your friends with some cool tricks, it tends to be much easier to train an intelligent pup. This is a great trait to have in a dog belonging to a big family with busy lives and lots of stuff to juggle. 


One of the sweetest things about having a dog is getting to watch your family bond and play with their new furry friend. A dog who loves a good run around and plays ball games will be a fab addition to a family with some fun-loving kids. 


So, your kids have come home from school with some buddies in tow. When suddenly, your grumpy, aggressive dog runs to greet them at the door—snarling and barking. The kids are scared and you find yourself wrestling the dog away, feeling embarrassed by your misbehaving mutt. What a nightmare! 

As a parent, this is the last thing you want for your kids or visitors to your home. That’s why it’s super important to choose a breed of dog that’s more likely to greet people with sloppy kisses and gentle doggy cuddles instead of aggression.

While training your dog to behave well is really important, there are also certain breeds that are better suited to big families with lots of visitors, plus, you’ll want one of the best dogs for young kids in general. 

If you have other animals in your home, you’ll also want to choose a breed that’s good with the pets you already have


If you’re a family that loves going on adventures like camping, hiking, or even just going on a nice walk, you’ll want a pup that’s happy to come along for the ride. If this is the case for you, then a fun-loving, adventurous dog would make the best puppy for your family.

The Best Dog Breeds For Families

So, now we know the traits that make for a great family pet, it’s time to run through some of the sweetest and friendliest dogs that could make the best breed for your family. 

Labrador Retriever 

This gorgeous breed isn’t one of the most popular in the US for no reason! These not-so-little lovebugs are renowned for their affectionate nature and adoration for their families and are one of the best dogs to have as a family pet. 

Labrador Retrievers are adventurous, social, and playful, and their intelligence makes them easier to train than some other breeds. They’re also one of the best dogs for young kids as they love to join in with all their games and adventures. They also make great emotional support dogs if that’s something you’re looking for!

Just be sure to train, exercise, and socialize your Labrador retriever as much as possible, as this will ensure they’re happy and well adjusted throughout their lives.


If you’re looking for a pocket-sized ball of fun for your family, a Beagle is a fantastic option. This friendly little breed is amongst the best dogs for young kids, as it has a pretty relaxed and calm temperament—but that doesn’t mean they aren’t up for some fun and games! 

Beagles love exploring and would be a great addition to any family that likes being outdoors. With that in mind, they also benefit from a good amount of exercise to burn off all that excess energy.

Additionally, they’re a pretty smart bunch. So much so, that Beagles even join the ranks of dogs with jobs! They can often be found in airports sniffing luggage as part of what’s known as the Beagle Brigade. So don’t be surprised to find your Beagle having a good ol’ sniff from time to time. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

As well as those soft, fluffy ears, and doe-eyes that make this dog look truly huggable, Cavaliers have a personality to match. This regal breed is well known for being truly devoted to its owners, and is extremely affectionate, especially towards young children. However, they’re a little more low-key than some other breeds, and may not enjoy the rough and tumble that other dogs engage in. 

Sweet and trusting, this breed is generally friendly towards visitors and other dogs—but their favorite people will always be their family!

Golden Retriever 

Intelligent, devoted and super friendly, Golden Retrievers are a great option for big families with young children or other dogs, and are one of the best dogs to have as a family pet for that very reason. They’re renowned for their patience, which means they’re amongst the best dogs for young kids—and certainly won’t be turning down some cuddles from the smaller, sticky-fingered members of the family!

This beautiful breed loves having fun, and would definitely enjoy playing games with your kiddos and joining in on those outdoor adventures, making it one of the best breeds for a family. Golden Retrievers do need a good amount of exercise to burn off excess energy and keep that weight off, so they make great companions for families that enjoy activities like hiking and bike riding.

Bichon Frise

These little fluff balls don’t just look super cute, they’re also known for their loving and gentle personalities, making them one of the best dogs to have as a family pet. Curious and playful, this sweet breed is sure to make the perfect companion for any active kid and is one of the best breeds for a family. Despite their floof, they’re also an example of one of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds, meaning there’ll be no runny noses in your home! 

Not only are they loving and loyal to their families, but they’re also happy to spend time around strangers, making them a great option for households that have a lot of visitors coming in and out of the home.

Bichon Frises are easy to train thanks to their intelligence. They love to learn new tricks, play a good game of fetch and go for a run around the block. Due to their high energy levels, this breed needs a good amount of exercise and stimulation to keep them healthy and prevent them from getting bored. And no one wants a bored Bichon! 


If you’ve ever watched the movie Lassie, you’ll probably already be a fan of this breed! Graceful and devoted, Collies are a fantastic choice for families. These friendly dogs are truly devoted to their owners and love spending time with their humans, including young children. 

Even though this breed is friendly, affectionate, and playful, they can be a little wary around strangers. This is something Collie owners need to be mindful of if having lots of guests coming in and out of the home. 

They’ll also need a fair amount of exercise, so will be well suited to energetic families who enjoy going for walks.


The regal-looking Poodle breed is renowned for its loving nature and gets along particularly well with younger children. This medium-sized dog is intelligent and eager to please, making them highly trainable and pretty obedient. Plus, they’re a great choice if you’re looking for a larger dog that’s hypoallergenic

Poodles are quite energetic and love to get some exercise outdoors. They enjoy a good runaround, long walks, and even swimming! Their friendly temperament and adventurous spirit make them a great choice for families. If you pick a Poodle to join your home, you can rest assured that they’ll soon put to rest those silly rumors that Poodles are dull or stuck-up.

Cocker Spaniel

This breed is another hugely popular family pet in the US—and for good reason! Cocker Spaniels are gentle, relaxed, and easy-going, meaning they’re one of the best dogs to have as a family pet.

A moderately playful breed that isn’t too energetic, Cocker Spaniels are relatively open to strangers and get along well with other dogs. Their adaptability means they’re a good choice for a big family with ever-changing schedules, plus their intelligence means they aren’t too tricky to train.

They will need some exercise and stimulation, but won’t need quite as many walks as some other, more energetic breeds.

How Puppy Hero Can Help You

Though we’re pretty certain at least one of the breeds above has caught your eye or tugged on your heartstrings, there are heaps of other breeds out there that would make a fabulous addition to any family. Really, it boils down to your preferences and your family situation. 

If you’d like to discover some more breeds to be super certain that you’re making the perfect choice, have a scroll through our comprehensive list of dog breeds to help you decide on the perfect pup to complete your family. 

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